Ghetto Meets Art

By: Palesa Mlambo

The Poet Come Alive (PCA) talks to Lunga Duma, a founder of the brokenstool, founder of the Mthombeni photography and co-owner at the skhokho_mina_fashion&style. He studied hospitality at the South West Gauteng TVET College. He lives in Mogale city, Kagsio. The brokenstool gave birth to the art on Sunday initiative which takes place every 1st Sunday of the month around Kagiso.  The art on Sunday gets a number of local artists to perform on a Sunday afternoon and just have a good time and spend time together as locals.

Lunga Duma at his home in Kagiso.

Please share with us briefly what AOS is about?

 The arts on Sunday (AOS) is a baby project from Brokenstool that started in February 2015. The idea was to get a community of creatives to get together and share their craft in the prospects to be discovered. We invite various industry names to share their time with us every first Sunday of the month.

What made you decide to start this initiative?

Initially we wanted to have jam sessions but the idea was bigger than just that so we created a lifestyle movement for the Westrand

What impact does AOS have on the community, have you received any positive feedback?

It is always so beautiful to see the numbers every month, people show casing their work, and we bring the community together every once in a while…

What challenges have you encountered?

We usually have financial issues when it comes to execution after planning, because we pull from our own pockets which sometimes makes it hard to host consistently

What sets AOS apart from the other art related events that take place in kagiso?

Art on Sunday is live and unplugged, everything is non digital we create an ambiance that is mellow and beautiful that allows people to be their true artistry with very little limitations.

Any future plans for the art on Sunday?

We are looking to infuse a little digital into the mix to grow the audience but also to keep the momentum going. We want to go into corporate and other sectors, we are looking at putting kagiso on the #entertainment map.