A Hidden Talent in The Ghetto

By Palesa Mlambo

The talents that take place in ghettos are often hidden, happening behind the corners of the streets. There is an insufficient exhibition to showcase the hidden talents in shady ghettos. In Kagiso, it is hard to find local artists’ talents getting exposure, but the birth of Art On Sundays (AOS) has revealed different kinds of talents on many unthinkable communities.

The AOS get a number of local artists to perform on a Sunday afternoon, have a good time and spend time together as locals. Artists such as Tebogo Serake and Sizwe Mashinini had once performed on AOS.

Encore performing one of their adulated hit. Photo credit: Instagram of the BrokenStool

We can all agree that our communities are full of undiscovered talent and overwhelming artistry. Artists such as Nhlanhla from the singing group Mafikizolo, comedians such as Skhumba and Tall Ass Mo are evidence of this hidden talent.  If we do not expose ourselves then we would be wasting away our God given talents.

One way to expose or unearth these gifts and talents is through initiatives such as the Arts On Sundays. Besides exposing talents, it also serves as an opportunity to know one another as members of the same community, an opportunity to encourage and inspire one another. It is an opportunity to unwind and enjoy good entertainment after a long week of hustling.

The AOS is a baby project from Brokenstool that started in February 2015. The idea was to get a community of creatives together and share their craft in the prospects to be discovered. AOS invites various industry names to share their time and talents every first Sunday of the month. AOS is a live and unplugged event, everything is nondigital. It creates an ambiance that is mellow and beautiful which allows people to be their true artistry with very little limitations.

“It is always so beautiful to see the numbers growing each month, people showcasing their work, and we bring the community together every once in a while,” said Lunga Duma one of the founders of Brokenstool events management.

Lunga Duma, last week Sunday in kagiso on Art On Sundays

The ultimate goal for the AOS is to infuse a little digital in order to grow the audience but also to keep the momentum going. The aim is to move into corporate and other sectors and put Kagiso on the entertainment map.

A local AOS supporter, Lindiwe Dhlomo said, “I find that the Art On Sundays is gradually growing each month and this is no surprise because our community needs events of this sort. People I’ve known for years go on stage and give great performances and I didn’t even know they could sing, that is what AOS is about, bringing everyone together.”

This article was first published by the Open Journal and it is republished with the permission of the Open Journal.

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my twitter experience

A week or two ago i started tweeting about art in general, i searched for things to do with writing, music and poetry. it was interesting because i wanted to inform and educate society about the developing art in our communities, i ended up learning a lot of things like the importance of developing writing skills at an early age, how music is connection to the soul. the articles that i came across made me realize how we have evolved in terms of expressing ourselves.  My tweets were responded to by other artists and this is evidence to me that the culture of art is still alive. people liked and re tweeted my tweets. this shows that even those that do not necessarily write or sing themselves enjoy reading and engaging in other people’s work. people use writing or words to either escape from their realities or find fresh perspectives on certain issues. i realized also that people respond better to a tweet that includes some sort of multimedia compared to a plain written tweet, therefore, in future i would most probably include more pictures, videos links etc. in order to create awareness. The second picture says what a lot of people feel, i know that i for one understand my thoughts better when i read them and that is how i cope. words are important for both the reader and the writer. words written simply give perspective.


friday poems

Let Them Eat Chaos
Kate Tempest

The squats we used to party in
            are flats we can’t afford
The dumps we did our dancing in
            have all been restored
Pints are up two quid
            the staff are beautiful and bored
You think it’s coming round here?
            It’s falling on its sword.
It don’t feel like home no more
            I don’t speak the lingo.
Since when was this a winery?
            It used to be the bingo.
I’ve walked these streets for all my life
            they know me like no other.
But the streets have changed.
            I no longer feel them
                                    Alright alright, I get the gist.
            Whose city is this?
It doesn’t want me no more.
I’ve had a glimpse
            into the future.
It stinks.
            London’s a walled fort,
            it’s all for the rich,
            if you fall short you fall.
You know where the door is.
            Board up the broken,
do it up,
            sell it back
make it bespoke.
                    It’s all out in the open.
            It’s fine, man,
            hike the price right up
and smile with your friends
            in the posh new nightclubs.
My streets have been dug up.
                    New routes for commuters.
           The landscape has changed
I’m looking for the old tags,
           the graffs that once meant
                    safe territory
but it seems
           every hieroglyph gets whitewashed