my twitter experience

A week or two ago i started tweeting about art in general, i searched for things to do with writing, music and poetry. it was interesting because i wanted to inform and educate society about the developing art in our communities, i ended up learning a lot of things like the importance of developing writing skills at an early age, how music is connection to the soul. the articles that i came across made me realize how we have evolved in terms of expressing ourselves.  My tweets were responded to by other artists and this is evidence to me that the culture of art is still alive. people liked and re tweeted my tweets. this shows that even those that do not necessarily write or sing themselves enjoy reading and engaging in other people’s work. people use writing or words to either escape from their realities or find fresh perspectives on certain issues. i realized also that people respond better to a tweet that includes some sort of multimedia compared to a plain written tweet, therefore, in future i would most probably include more pictures, videos links etc. in order to create awareness. The second picture says what a lot of people feel, i know that i for one understand my thoughts better when i read them and that is how i cope. words are important for both the reader and the writer. words written simply give perspective.


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