My dad the hero

South Africa is facing a lot of challenges, rising levels of abuse being one of them, specifically, woman and child abuse. How often do South African young men get to say  that their dads are their heroes and how many of those men are actually setting good standards for their sons through their actions. These questions are some of the hardest questions South Africans have to ask themselves because of the high rate of woman and child abuse. “A lot of young men lack the presence of a father and do not know how to treat a woman.” said Nkululeko Tshabalala, a young high school male student who faces the same challenge.

not in my name

Considering all the incidents that have been taking place around the country with women being abducted and murdered, a different approach should be considered in finding a solution, initiatives such as the not in my name movement that focus on young men and teaching them how to be responsible adults should be supported by the society.

Although there still is a long way to go, a lot has happened in trying to effect change. Religious affiliations, the government, NGOs and the likes have joint forces in trying to help men become better people and contribute positively to the society.

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