dear life purpose

I belong to you, where would I be without you, how could I live without you, I’d be so lost without you.

Cause you make my world go around

You make my heart sing loud

Where would I be without you. I learnt the importance of knowing the reason for my existence. As soon as I learnt that, I saw life differently, I started living because I wanted to not because I had been given this life and I had to stick it out. My purpose in life filled me and gave me peace that surpasses all understanding. #liveWithaPurpose

does talking really help?

it is often said that it is good to talk and get things off one’s chest… really? they say this like talking is the only way to “get things off your chest” what about writing things down, the concept of a diary? where did that go?

everything has methods and unique solutions, i believe even in matters of the heart, the mind or just expressing oneself. speaking is one and writing is the other, in fact they should work hand in hand. communication is vital for human survival, therefore talking does help.

people “talk” in different ways, society needs to embrace that because it is a wonderful fact…

my experience with twitter

A week or two ago i started tweeting about writing in general, i searched for things to do with writing and writers, it was interesting because i wanted to inform and educate society about the importance of writing, i ended up learning a lot of things like the importance of developing writing skills at an early age. the multimedia that i came across made me realize how we have evolved in terms of technology, however, i found a picture on that reminded me of the importance of pen and paper, as much as we have laptops that make life easier sometimes writing things down instead of typing them can be special. my tweets were responded to by other writers and this is evidence to me that the culture of writing is still alive. people liked and re tweeted my tweets. this shows that even those that do not necessarily write themselves enjoy reading and engaging in other people’s work. people use writing or words to either escape from their realities or find fresh perspectives on certain issues. i realized also that people respond better to a tweet that includes some sort of multimedia compared to a plain written tweet, therefore, in future i would most probably include more pictures, videos links etc. in order to create awareness. this picture explains the purpose and importance of reading.   the second picture says what a lot of people feel, i know that i for one understand my thoughts better when i read them and that is how i cope. words are important for both the reader and the writer. words written simply give perspective. 

women in our churches

Nsiki Mazwai “Men still hold religious power. We have handed over the power of our spirituality to men in most cases. Female religious/spiritual leaders are not at the helm of our country. Constantly we are inundated with stories in the media about fake pastors, who take advantage of our people and yet, we continue to neglect the female divine energy. We as African people hold our mothers in such high regard, but fail to see the God energy in her.”

this is so true, i like where she says “we as African people hold our mothers in such high regard, but fail to see the God energy in her.” if woman can successfully raise children alone, with the wisdom from God. they can certainly do the same with the church.

finding my purpose

for your glory, i will do anything

just to see you

to behold you as my king

i wanna be where you are

got to be where you are

cause peace is where you are

joy is where you are

and love is who you are…

NB; i realized thar i wanna be where love is and if God is love then that’s who i wanna be close to. its that simple.

place of refuge

Everyone needs to go through some sort of challenge or adversity in order to mature and get better in the game of life. This is common knowledge, however, facing challenges is no child’s play and everyone needs somewhere to escape. For me, i am recently finding that books are a great place to find refuge. You get attached to the writer’s world, it’s the most amazing and exciting thing ever! Plus you get to forget about the realities of your world.


i want a heart that forgives

a heart full of love

one with compassion just like yours above

want a heart that forgives

that lives and lets live

one that keeps loving over and over again

want a heart that loves everybody

even my enemies

wanna love like

be like

just like you did

i want a heart that forgives

someone asked

do you wanna be free?

my answer is yes

i wanna be free

i let go



that’s ever hurt me

i let it go

its been holding me back

i’m standing in the midst of





i let it all go

all of it

i want a heart that forgives!


A heart that forgives

I want a heart that forgives

A heart filled with love

One with compassion just like yours above

Want a heart that forgives

That lives and let live

One that keeps loving over and over again

Want a heart that loves everybody

Even my enemies

Wanna love like you

Live like you

Just like you did

I want a heart that forgives.

Someone asked…

Do you wanna be free?

Well my answer is yes

I wanna be free

My answer is yes

I’m letting go



Thats ever hurt me

I’m letting go

Its holding me back

I don’t want It

I don’t want it

I don’t want it

I wanna be free

I want a heart that forgives…

I’m standing in the midst of…





And I don’t want it no more!!